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Different filter classes 

Filters are one of the most important parts of your ventilation system. Without a good filter, your ventilation system will not work optimally. Filters determine the air purification process and filter particles and dust from the air. This allows the fan to work optimally. It is important to select the right filters, you do this based on the model and the space available. 

There is an important difference between the different filter classes. The standard G3 or G4 filters stop particles that you can still see with the naked eye. The finer structure of F7 filters keeps out pollen and fine dust, among other things. These are so small that they are not visible to us. 

New filter standard

Fresh and especially pure air in your home is the central starting point. The increasing particulate matter and the resulting allergies are, in addition to energy efficient, centrally in the development of our solutions for a healthy indoor climate. The new Filternorm ISO 16890 has launched Europe since 1 July 2018. Because particulate matter has different dimensions and shapes, the standard has now been adjusted with which the efficiency of the filters is tested. The new standard now splits filters in four groups that filter various dust particles:

  • ISO Coarse: such as sand or her
  • ePM 10: Such as Pollen
  • ePM 2.5: Such as dust ePM 1: such as combustion particles

In order to be accommodated in a category, the filter must stop at least 50% of the relevant particles. This new classification gives an accurate indication which particle sizes are filtered from the air. In concrete terms, this means that the designers of the filters will change to:

  • Filter F7 becomes ISO ePM1
  • Filter G4 becomes ISO Coarse
  • Filters can stop the smallest particles. (ISO ePM1)
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