Filter Service & Maintenance Ventilation

Replace your filters in time

Do you have a ventilation system at home? Then you do well to replace the filters from your ventilation system regularly. Filters ensure that you can optimally enjoy healthy, pure indoor air. In addition, clean filters also ensure optimum functioning of your ventilation system. Checking and renewing your filters is the message in time! Thanks to the filter service of Filter & Co you can count on the advice of experts.

How often do you have to replace filters?

Well, that depends on it, but standard we still recommend providing your ventilation system with a fresh filter twice a year.

How do you replace the filters of a ventilation system yourself?

  • Turn off the ventilation unit by pulling the plug out of the socket.
  • Remove the filter from the unit.
  • Slide the new filter on the frame or place the module back in the unit.
  • Place the filter back in the unit. Put the plug in the socket.
  • Press OK in the control panel until the reports disappear.

Maintenance Ventilation system

You get optimum ventilation in your interior spaces through timely maintenance of your ventilation system. A regular check -up or maintenance of your ventilation system by experts not only guarantees optimum operation and efficiency of the system but also pure, hygienic indoor air.

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