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AM7000 Cubic Air Quality Meter

AM7000 Cubic Air Quality Meter

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AM 7000 Cubic Air Quality Meter


With the AM7000 (CO meter) you have constant control and view of the indoor air quality.

This way you know in time when you have to ventilate the interior space.

In addition to only the CO2 content, this device also measures temperature, humidity and the amount of particulate matter in the room.

If you place this CO meter in your home, classroom, gym or office, you are sure that you can view, check and intervene on time if necessary.

 Discover here Why a good CO meter is important.

Property Cubic Pro:

Table / Desktop Air Quality Monitor. USB Power Supply, Only Cord Included. Readable in the dark.
Equipped with Ce Mark.
Life Expectancy CO2 sensor 15 years.

Temperaturee sensor

Range -10 to +50 ° C. Accuracy ± 1 ° C.

Humidity sensor

Range 0 to 95% RH. Accuracy ± 8% RH.

PM 2.5 Participate Matter Sensor

Range 0 - 1000 μg/m3
± 10μg/m3
Accuracy <100 μg/m3 On Display.
± 10%
Accuracy > 100 μg/m3 On Display.
Color Indication Situation, Green, Orange and Red.

Self-Calibrating NDIR CO2 Sensor

Range 400 to 5000ppm.
Accuracy ± 50ppm.
Color Indication Situation, Green, Orange and Red

HCHO Sensor (Formaldehyde Sensor)

Range 0 - 1000 mg/m3
± 0.03mg/m3 Accuracy <0.100mg/m3 on display. ± 30% Accuracy> 0.100mg/M3 on Display.
Color Indication Situation, Green, Orange and Red

VOC sensor (volatile organic substances)

Level indication 0-1-2-3
Colors designation situation, green, orange and red.

Housing Dimensions

90x80x53mm ( WXHXD)

Standard Finish

White, with black display 2.8 inch TFT LCD screen.

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