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3 reasons to change your ventilation system's filters on time

A healthy indoor climate is central everywhere by COVID-19. But recently we are faced with a new challenge: braving a towering energy bill. There are many ways you can get this. And the timely replacement of the filters in your ventilation system is one of them.

Why do you have to replace your filters?

You can compare it with a stuffy nose. It is quite unpleasant if you cannot breathe sufficiently. So you clean your nose in time.

The same applies to the filters of your ventilation system. They can also become clogged and polluted.

The consequences?
- The efficiency of your ventilation system drops due to clogged or polluted filters. The system therefore no longer works optimally. This increases your energy bill.
- The engines of the system will also run higher, causing them to cause noise.
- A ventilation system that no longer works properly can no longer be properly removed the polluted air. This creates fungi, bacteria and dust.

Our advice

Check the filters of your ventilation system at least every three months, and replace them at least twice a year. Do they see black with dirt? Then you know it is urgent time to act.

For new -build homes, we even recommend replacing the filters every once. This way you are sure of a qualitative indoor climate and healthy air for you and your family.

But what if you don't replace the filters in time?
- Poor quality of the indoor climate
- rising energy bill
- Noise pollution due to louder rotating engines
- channels must be cleaned earlier than necessary

We are happy to give again the advantages along with the timely replacement of the filters.
- Healthy indoor climate
- Saving on energy costs
- Life and return of your ventilation device remain high
- No problems with too dry air in your home.

The message is clear (we think): replace the filters of your ventilation system in time so that you can optimally enjoy it. Need help? Contact us.

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