Filter classes

Different filter classes

Filters are one of the most important parts of your ventilation system. Without a good filter, your ventilation system will not work optimally. Filters determine it air purification process And filter particles and dust particles from the air. So the fan Optimal work.

There is an important difference between the different filter classes.
The Standard G4 (or a lower filter class) stops stops that you can still see with the naked eye.
The finer structure of M5 and F7 filters stops, among other things, pollen and fine dust.

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New Filmetorm

Fresh and especially pure air in your home is the central starting point. The increasing particulate matter and the influence on our health stand next to Energy-efficient building, central to the development of our solutions for one Healthy indoor climate.

On July 1, 2018, the new Filternorm ISO 16890 launched in Europe. The adjusted standard also takes into account the efficiency of the filters, since (fine) substance has different dimensions and shapes.

The new standard splits filters into four groups, depending on the type of dust particles that they stop:

  • ISO COARSE (formerly G4): sand, hair ...
  • EPM 10 (formerly M5): Sand, Hair, Pollen
  • EPM 2.5 (formerly F7): sand, hair, pollen and fine dust
  • EPM 1 (formerly F7): sand, hair, pollen, particulate matter, combustion particles ...

This classification gives an accurate indication of which particle sizes are filtered to what extent from the air.

An example:
A filter F7 that now receives the value of EPM1 65% stops 65% of the air particles within its category.

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