7 x stronger respiratory tract

7 x stronger respiratory tract

Article through good feeling, all credits forKristina Rybouchkina - Interview with Shane Hanon, pneumologist from AZ Brussels

Unfortunately, some dust particles are so nice that they can still penetrate through our filters and thus end up in our air pipe branches, lungs and bloodstream. They can cause a lot of damage to both short and long-term. The collective name for those particles is logically 'fine dust'. Unfortunately, the sky in our country is not poor. According to the European Environment Agency, the quality of our air is the second worst in Europe (figures from 2016). Only Montenegro scores even less well. "That's not nice figures, but it is not reason to join in," the pneumologist nuances. 'Air pollution costs us about a year of our lives. But by smoking you lose no less than ten years, because you get even more toxic substances right in your respiratory tract. Stopping smoking is therefore much more efficient and less drastic than avoiding city air. " You can even express perfectly outside. 'Physical exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of sport are larger than the disadvantages of air pollution. Certainly if you insert your sports sessions wisely. That is why I would recommend jogging as far as possible from busy roads and to avoid peak hours. Also keep an eye on the weather forecast. Many ozone can be present in the air on summer days. If you get a warning there, you may not perform a serious effort between 12 pm and 8 pm. Keep it on it. It will be a lot more pleasant to walk in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures are somewhat fresher. In winter it is then worn out on foggy days. Fog often creates when the windless is. Harmful particles from traffic, industry and heaters cannot be blown away. Rain is not enough to flush them out of the sky, so it doesn't feel like waiting until a plenous builder is passed. Prefer to express your sports session until it has cleared up. "

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