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Suffering from stove?

Everyone has his opinion about the weather: it's too hot, too wet, too gloomy, it's always something. But at the same time we also have a huge adaptability. Despite all weather grands, we manage to cope with that scorching heat or that pool weather. We have learned that Belgian can vary very strongly from year to year.

But the following elements apply to this period of the year: rain and cold. This also means that people will raise their fireplaces again. Somewhat for the warmth but also for fun. You will never hear that fireplaces are bad, on the contrary. Fireplaces provide intimacy and togetherness, which also promotes the indoor climate.

Nevertheless, all of these benefits, it is also generally known that harmful substances are also released during the heating. This mainly because many people do not burn the correct woods and sometimes use the stove or fireplace as an all burner.

Due to the drain of this air with a combination of a certain wind direction, these scents can overweight to local residents. Certainly at homes with a D system, this can cause heavy odor nuisance. The mechanical sucking out of outside air also attracts these scents. It is annoying for the residents because in principle they did not ask for it.

Fortunately this is a general phenomenon and there are solutions for this. Right away Active carfstuff filter boxCan you catch these scents and stop particulate matter. These filters last a long time and so it is worth the investment to protect your health.

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