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How do you improve the air quality in your home?

Posted on November 30 2022

Since 2006, ventilation has been mandatory in a new-build or renovated home. Ventilation and aeration are crucial to keeping indoor air healthy. A ventilation system ensures that fresh air passes through all the rooms of the house, removing humid and polluted air. 

In homes, you will usually find one of these two ventilation systems: C and D (balanced ventilation with heat recovery). D systems contain filters to ensure that fine particles in the air do not enter the home. Now what is the best way to maintain these systems? 

1. Vents

Make a habit of checking the vents every month, so you can easily keep track of whether they get dirty quickly.
In addition, it is best to clean the vents every other month with a hoover to ensure the optimal functioning of your filters.
Never close the vents, as this blocks fresh air and causes dirt to accumulate.

2. Mechanical systems

A mechanical ventilation system is usually cleaned every other month (maximum 3). These systems require annual to three-yearly major maintenance. This is best done by an experienced maintenance company. An installer will inspect, check, and clean the system. As usual, replace the filters in your ventilation system every six months. This ensures optimal operation of your system, and you will have no energy loss. 

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