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How do you improve the air quality in your home?

Since 2006, ventilation in a new construction or renovation home has been mandatory. Ventilation and ventilation are crucial to keep the indoor air healthy. A ventilation system ensures that fresh air passes through all the spaces of the home and thus the moist and polluted air is removed.

In homes you will usually find these 2 types of ventilation systems: System C and balance ventilation with heat recovery D.
D systems contain filters to ensure that fine particles in the air do not get into the home. But how do you best maintain these systems?

1. Ventilation grilles

Make it a habit to check the grilles every month, so you can easily keep track of whether they get dirty quickly.
In addition, it is best to clean the schedules every month with a vacuum cleaner to guarantee the optimum functioning of your filters.
Never close the gratings, this stops the fresh air and ensures accumulation of dirt.

2. Mechanical systems

You usually clean a mechanical ventilation system every month (maximum 3). These systems need a major maintenance annually up to three years. This makes you do this through an experienced maintenance company. An installer will therefore inspect, check and clean the installation. As usual, replace the filters in your ventilation system every 6 months. This ensures optimum functioning of your system and you have no energy loss.


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