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Remove unpleasant scents from the outside with the active carbon filter box

A technique that is often used in the filter industry: a filter box that actively uses cabbage. We see it more often, both in the private and in the industrial market. But what is that now and when is what is used?



What is active cabbage?

Active Kool is a specially treated carbon that absorbs all kinds of substances through absorption. These grains are worked in panel or bag filters.

If active cabbage is still unprocessed, it is better to put on gloves to deal with this. Fortunately, you no longer have to do that with our filters.


What is a filter box?


A filter box is linked to your ventilation system and filters the incoming air from outside. An active carbon filter is placed in the box in the winter. In the summer that is a pollen filter. This way you are always sure of a healthy indoor climate.


Private market

But when are this type of filter boxes used in the private market? On the one hand, this happens when the bag or panel filter with a filter box is linked to the supply of the ventilation system. On the other hand, this can be provided with ventilation systems that have a panel filter as standard. Although this must be a tailor -made active carbon filter box.


Industrial market

But the application of an active carbon filter box is also possible on the industrial market. Only then a preceding study happens to know how much size and which substances must be filtered.


At Filter & Co we offer these filter boxes, together with their assembly and with the necessary filters. Want to know more about active cabbage and the active carbon filter box from Filter & Co?

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