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Where does hay fever come from?

Posted on May 18 2017

Do you also suffer from allergies? The period of sneezing and stuffy nose by allergic reactions is added. Do you prefer to experience that period within not to experience? Complaints such as tearing, red eyes and a runny nose are very recognizable for some people. It means that you are allergic to pollen of grasses, trees or herbs. This reaction is also called "hay fever".

An allergy is the intense response that some people get when they come into contact with certain substances. We call these substances allergens. The best known are grass and tree pollen, dust mites and types of food where people get an unpleasant response.

In itself, allergens are innocent substances, only with some people the immune system (the immune system) responds as if these substances are harmful. The result are the malicious allergic reactions.
We get the allergic reactions to the respiratory tract after inhalation of pollen, such as grass pollen that float in the air. We call the allergic reactions that follow to this "hay fever". 1 in Europe suffers from this.

How can you take your precautions with our filter & CO filters?

How can we stop the pollen?

The most important thing you can do is avoid allergens. It is not in contact with pollen of grasses and trees that is scattered through the air is of course not possible. We can give some advice to avoid exposure.
If your "secure" property has a ventilation system, find the correct air filters. We produce filters that reach 90% of the pollen and particulate matter from the incoming air. This way we ensure a healthier indoor climate.

If you often renew these air filters, you strongly reduce the chance that "pollen" penetrate your house. Do this for sure for the new pollen season and also after. These filters also help effectively against fine dust. So certainly advisable if you live close to a busy street or industrial area.

Your ventilation system does indeed reduce the amount of dust mites in your home. People who respond allergic to it maybe benefit from a good ventilation system.

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