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What is the difference between a G4 and F7 filter?

Posted on June 20 2017

Difference between G4 and F7 filter

Filters are one of the most important parts of a ventilation system. They determine the air purification process and filter the particles and dust particles from the air. In this way the fan can work optimally. Depending on the model and the space available, the correct filter can be selected.


People who have hay fever are advised to close windows and doors as much as possible during the pollen season. For example, pollen do not come in but through your ventilation system you can of course pull it inside ... and if the weather is nice you don't constantly close your windows and doors?


With a ventilation system D, the fresh outside air is already filtered, but the type of filter is very important here. In a house where someone lives with a pollen allergy you can then choose to place a F7 filter. This is a filter that catches fine particles. The standard G3 or G4 filter will stop particles that you can still see with the naked eye but the finer structure of the F7 filter material holds O.A. Pollen and fine dust. These are so small that we cannot see them, but ask your allergic fellow man, they are indeed. That is why you are best to place a fine filter in the section where the fresh air enters. On the return side you can leave the G4 filter because this is air from indoors.



If you choose an F7 filter then choose the following benefits:

  • Pollen are filtered from the supply air.
  • The finer dust particles are stopped and therefore also the harmful substances that are emitted by cars and trucks.
  • The Indoor Air Quality of every residents is increasing and the allergic reactions decrease.


No additional housing or filter cassette is required because you can remove the old coarse filter to place the finely stuff filter. Enough reason to switch to the finest filter today. It is a small extra cost that greatly improves your indoor aircraft and has a direct effect on your health and that of your fellow residents.

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