Waarom lucht filteren? - Filter&Co

Why filtering air?

Filters are among the most important parts of daily life, but usually these invisible benefactors are. They determine the air purification process and filter the particles and dust particles from the air. In this way the fan can work optimally. Depending on the model and the space available, the correct filter can be selected.

Our range of filters can offer the right solution for every specific application. For example, optimum operation of the system is always guaranteed. High class synthetic non woven fibers combine the optimum filter performance and a long service life, so that a permanent high performance and energy efficient use are possible, while fewer replacements are required during the lifetime of the ventialtie unit.

Manufactured under professional supervision and with permanent quality control, using environmentally friendly processes and without added chemical additives. Easily processable and legible to meet the requirements of the existing test standards. The filter class is indicated by the color or with a print to the length of the filter media. All filter media are approved according to EN 779: 2012 standards and tested for efficiency in independent arrangements.

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