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Why is a CO meter interesting to combat COVID bees?


What is CO2?




CO2 is a substance that we breathe out, so this substance can be found everywhere.


In busy spaces such as classrooms, offices, home, fitness centers, C02 can be used as an indicator for the quality of the indoor air.


In spaces where the CO2 content is low, there is also less chance of spreading the COVID virus, therefore it is important to ventilate good and timely.




Ventilation and CO2




Virus particles are usually spread by aerosols, which is why good working ventilation plays a crucial role in limiting the risk of infection.


Furthermore, a poorly ventilated space or poor ventilation is the cause of lifelessness, lesser concentration, headache, falling productivity and fatigue.




The less the air is refreshed, the greater the chance that virus particles accumulate in the interior spaces.


That is why properly functioning ventilation, regular ventilation and the use of a CO meter is very important.




If you do not ventilate the space properly or too little, the CO2 values ​​rise, this indicates poor air change or too little ventilation.


The exceedance may never be higher than 900ppm, or at least keep the duration as low as possible.


Rise the values ​​above 900ppm, open windows or increase your ventilation as long as necessary.




When you refresh the air in the spaces in time, the chance of infection is much smaller.




When there is no mechanical ventilation in the room, a CO meter is a very important tool.


This shows when the values ​​are exceeded.


In this way you can intervene in time and take the necessary measures.




Important values ​​for interior spaces




Good air quality in the room, there is sufficient ventilation






The quality of the indoor air is not good, take the necessary measures to sufficiently ventilate the space.




> 1200 ppm:


Poor air quality, leaves space, space must be urgently and intensively ventilated. Only come back when the level drops under 900ppm




If too often you exceed the value of 900ppm, it is recommended to invest in properly functioning ventilation.


Not only to keep the virus out, but also to reduce the fatigue, concentration, lifelessness of you, your colleagues or your children.




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