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Your living and working environment deserves a healthy indoor aircraft.

What is Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality refers to the air quality in and around buildings in which we live and work every day. Air quality has a direct impact on our health. By measuring and checking this air quality, we can greatly reduce the risks of a contaminated indoor air.

Certain consequences of a bad indoor air climate can we already notice after a short time.

Examples of this are irritated eyes, a stuffy nose, dizziness or headache. Fatigue can also be directly associated with a lack of optimal indoor air quality.

In the long term, problems can occur to the heart and respiratory tract or some people suffer from migraine. Poor indoor air is an invisible danger.

By paying attention to this, we can significantly improve our quality of life. As a result, we also perform better and we are banning all inconveniences that brings bad air quality.

Improve work performance remarkably due to better air quality

Many office buildings and houses are equipped with a ventilation system. This has a direct impact on the Indoor Air Quality. However, it is important that the filters of this system are periodically replaced. The WTCB recommends this to do this every 6 months.

Filters are crucial for air quality and therefore also for health. In one breath they also ensure a better efficiency of the installation and in this way for lower energy consumption.

Good filters ensure that devices have a longer lifespan. So filtering is a win-win situation for you as an organization as well as for tenants and residents.

Here are some tips & tricks to improve air quality indoors:

  1. Ventilate enough! Nowadays there are systems that fully automatically provide a home or office building of sufficient air.
  2. Replace the filters at fixed times.
  3. Clean the home or building regularly.
  4. Keep the relative humidity level. This is possible with the F & C © Loggers.
  5. Install sensors (carbon monoxide alarm, air speed meter, CO2, voc for air quality)

Filter & Co: Center of Indoor Air Quality is located in Kortrijk and Leuven

You don't just get the Ambassador title. Our passion has also become our work, namely improving the indoor air quality. Filter & Co is a young company with employees who have more than 25 years of experience in the IAQ market.

Our core business is in producing all types of filters (Hepa, wireframe, panel and bag filters). In our product range we also offer air purifiers, loggers to measure air quality and on other elements to improve air.

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