Air groups

At Filter & Co, in addition to all filters for residential ventilation devices, we also offer filters for larger air groups.

Together with our European partner, we strive to improve the quality and efficiency of our filters daily, so that we can always deliver qualitative products.

Produced in Europe in an innovative, efficient and environmentally conscious way, according to the ISO standards ISO16890 guarantee the filters of Filter & Co Healthy Air in your area. At the office, in schools, homes, the sports hall or in the production hall, we bring healthy clean air into your life.

Are you looking for filters for one of the following air groups?

- Daikin

- Systemair

- Systemair Geniox

- Salda

- Caladair

- Amberair

- Fläkt Group (Denco Happel / Fläkt Woods)

- Mandik

- IV product air groups


- Komfovent Verso / Verso Pro

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