How quickly do I receive my deliveries?

Filter & Co ensures fast delivery within two working days.

My order has been sent, but not yet received

With every order that has been completed, you should receive a tracking mail. This contains a link where you can follow your package. However, something can always go wrong. If your package has not yet arrived after the expected period, please contact us quickly viasocial media Or call 056 64 50 66.

When will I receive my orders?

We will keep you informed via e-mail. You can also follow your order via your account.

My order is not complete

In your order tab in your account you can see when which items have been sent. Have all articles been sent on the same day, but have you not received them all? Then takeContact On with our customer service. We are happy to help you further.

Shipping abroad. Which periods do we talk to here?

Do you want to send abroad? Feel free to send us a message to find out the exact delivery time.

From what amount is my shipping free?

  • Free shipping from € 50 in Belgium
  • Free shipping from € 100 in France and Luxembourg