Filter & Co concept

Make filters from the garage box and send packages

It sounds cliché but that's how we started this adventure. 4 years later Filter & Co is a team of 6 people and the company is now synonymous with Indoor Air Quality.

In addition to the production of standard filters for all industries and the import and distribution of special filters, Filter & Co also offers data loggers and air purification solutions.


We have 1 mission, and that is healthy air for everyone.

At Filter & Co we firmly believe that with the right products and correct expertise everyone can live and work in a healthy air environment. This can be done by offering affordable filters and air -purifying products. Not only in Belgium, but throughout Europe and the rest of the world through exclusive partners.


A young company in Motion

A young company that wants to conquer the world. We do this with the limited resources but with a lot of guts and experience. We recently took on an existing building in Groot Kortrijk. This is now our headquarter.

It is a building of 1936 with a rich history of entrepreneurship. Before our time there was a unique installation company called Witdouck Installatietechnieken, which already focused on Indoor Air Quality. We are happy to further push this concept through and have made our company vision.



As a supplier of healthy air, we also focus enormously on current climate change. We are in favor of any innovation that can improve the ecological footprint. Day in and day out we look for ourselves how we can make our products and our suppliers more ecological.