Our guarantees

Do I have a warranty on my articles?

  • Yes, for all items that you buy from us, the legal guarantee applies. Because Filter & Co is a Belgian company, Belgian legislation applies and the Belgian definition of a legal guarantee applies. This means that an item must be in good condition and should function properly with normal use. When you receive an article where this is not the case, we offer you a suitable solution as soon as possible. Depending on the article, we do this through repair, replacement or reimbursement of your purchase amount.
  • In addition to the legal guarantee, the factory warranty applies to certain articles. A factory warranty is an additional guarantee given by the importer or manufacturer. The manufacturer or importer can set conditions to this warranty. The guarantee duration is also dependent on the manufacturer. You can find more information about the factory warranty in the documentation of the article. This is especially true on our product range excluding the filters that we are producer.
  • Filter & Co BVBA allows warranty entitlement to your own choice to exchange the products or convert part of it in credit note.
  • The existence of a warranty entitlement is without prejudice to the (payment) obligations of the client and does not constitute a grounds of suspension or dissolution.


What is the guarantee of my article?

  • At Filter & Co, your invoice serves as a guarantee certificate. If you want to claim the warranty in the future, use the invoice of your order for this.


What is the period of my warranty?

  • For all items that you purchase from Filter & Co, the legal guarantee (this period differs per product). An article must be in good condition upon delivery and functioning properly with normal use. In addition, for some products, a factory warranty applies, the deadline of the factory warranty can be found in the manufacturer's supplied documentation. With regard to filters, these should not be used otherwise the warranty will expire.
  • Filter & Co is responsible for a period of 5 months after delivery for the reliability of the products.
  • Defects must be made in writing within 14 days after observation with any images and clear description.


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