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Looking for Lemmens filters for your ventilation system? Then you are at the right place at Filter & Co. P. Lemmens is a Belgian company, founded in 1977 by Pierre Lemmens that has been specializing in for more than 45 years ventilation units.

In recent years, houses & apartments have been better insulated and all cracks are closed. As a result, the indoor air is no longer refreshed in a natural way, so that it is contaminated. That is why good ventilation is essential. By using P. Lemmens filters you will still be able to enjoy clean air indoors.

Lemmens filters

Installing a ventilation system is a good start and is a first step to a healthier environment. After installation, it is of course of great importance to replace filters in time. It is generally recommended to replace filters in a half year. Of course, external factors play a major role here. For environments with poorer air quality, they must be replaced faster than with environments with a less polluting air. Think of environments where it was just thoroughly renovated. Are your filters in need of replacement? Then choose original Lemmens filters, which guarantee the best air quality. In our range you will find, among other things: Lemmens HR flat, HR Global and HR Mural Filters. You can easily order these filters on the webshop.

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Via the webshop you can easily order the Lemmens filters that belong to your ventilation system. Moreover, you can enjoy free shipping from an order value of 50 euros and within 2 working days you can expect your ordered Lemmens filters at your home.