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Looking for Zehnder Filters for your ventilation system? Then you are at the right place at Filter & Co. Zehnder is the Swiss heating and ventilation specialist since 1930 and the number one in Belgium of ventilation devices sold.

Zehnder Filters

Zehnder Ventilation ensures the best climate indoors. The solutions bring pure air into homes and buildings in an energy -efficient way.

Zehnder Filters ensure that particulate matter, pollen, soot particles and even bacteria and viruses cannot penetrate your home. For example, Zehnder Filters ensure that you can always enjoy healthy air with less fine dust. Certainly if you suffer from allergies, a good Zehnder filter is important, since filtered air relieves you from this nuisance. Better air quality also ensures better concentration and performance and a better night's sleep.

By filtering the outside air when entering the ventilation unit, it lasts longer. This extends the life of your device.

Installing a ventilation system is a good start and is a first step to a healthier environment. After installation, it is of course of great importance to replace your Zehnder filters in time, DEar to filter the outside air when entering the ventilation unit, it lasts longer. This extends the life of your device.It is generally recommended to replace filters in a half year. Of course, external factors play a major role here. For environments with poorer air quality, they must be replaced faster than with environments with a less polluting air. Think of environments where it was just thoroughly renovated.

At Filter & Co you will find the suitable Zehnder filters for residential homes (houses and apartments), buildings and offices, to create the ideal indoor climate everywhere.

Are your filters in need of replacement? Then choose original filters from Zehnder, which guarantee the best air quality. In our range you will find, among other things: Zehnder Comfoair Q350, Comfoair Q450, Comfoair Q600 Filters. Also Zehnder Comfod 350/450/550 Filter sets, Zehnder Comfod 250 and Zehnder Compact CM/WM You can easily order filters online via the webshop.

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Via the webshop you can easily order the Zehnder filters that belong to your ventilation system. Moreover, you can enjoy free shipping from an order value of 50 euros and within 2 working days you can expect your ordered Zehnder filters at your home.