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VASCO D300E II and D400 II WTW Filter set G4 Filter set ISO Coarse 90%

VASCO D300E II and D400 II WTW Filter set G4 Filter set ISO Coarse 90%

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  • G4 filter set for Vasco is suitable for the devices D300E II and D400 II WTW. This high -quality filter guarantees you optimum operation of the ventilation system and a healthier and filtered indoor air.
  • ISO Value ISO COARSE 90%
  • Also available in M5 (EPM10 55%) and F7 (EPM1 70%).


Vasco D400 Filter Set: For clean and pure air in the house

Are you looking for a filter set for your Vasco ventilation system? With a Vasco D400 filter set you choose two panel filters. The G4 filter set from Vasco is suitable for the D300E II and D400 II WTW. With this original quality filters you are assured of filtered and therefore healthy air in the house. Especially if the current filters are polluted, it is important to clean them so soon. You can also leave this to an expert. Incidentally, this also applies to replacing the filters.

Do you prefer to breathe in as much clean air as possible? Then this type of filter set is an excellent investment to achieve this. In this way you provide optimal shape to a healthy living and living environment in the house. Do you first want advice before you buy the filters? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to explain how it works and - if desired - tailor -made advice for your ventilation system.

Vasco D300 Filter Set: High -quality Filters

Are you looking for a set of G4 filters for Vasco D300 E or Vasco D400? With a Vasco D300 filter set you get top quality filters. The timely replacement of filters is necessary to guarantee the air quality in your home. It is advised to replace the filters of this type of ventilation system once every 12 months. That way you know for sure that you are inhaling clean and pure air. Cleaning and replacing the filters yourself or leaving you to someone with knowledge.

Do you take your health seriously and do you strive for a pleasant indoor climate? With these original quality filters you are sure of a perfect operation of the ventilation system. This results in a healthier and filtered atmosphere. For that reason you would like to order the filter as soon as possible for your ventilation system. For questions you can always rely on one of our specialists. We are real professionals and know better than anyone what is needed for a properly functioning ventilation system.

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