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Vent Axia

Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic Advance filters


  • Vent-axia
  • Sentinel Kinetic Advance
  • Set (2 filters)
  • G4 filter class (standard in the ventilation unit)
  • F7 Higher filter class possible (choose in menu option)
  • 354x125x25 Pleated filter
  • 5501000289
  • Free shipping from€50
  • Delivery within 1 to 2 business days


Vent AXIA SENTINEL KINETIC FILTER: For an improvement in air quality

Do you notice that air quality deteriorates at home because your ventilation system is no longer working properly? This problem emphasizes thanks to a Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic filter. You use this filter for Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic Plus B WTW systems. By using intensive use, the filters become contaminated and that is why it is important to clean them regularly. Is this something you will soon forget or have nothing been done for years? Then it is sometimes necessary to replace the entire filter with a new copy.

On this site you will always find a qualitative Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic filter for your vent-axia ventilation system. What is the positive result? Improved air quality at home, less health problems and finally a pleasant living and living climate. A good reason to buy your purchase with us. Don't you get out or do you have a question? Then sure to contact one of our experts. We are happy to provide you with customized advice.

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