Collection: Filters

Filters for ventilation systems

Do you already have a ventilation system and are your filters to be replaced? At Filter & Co you will find different brands such as: Titon, Zehnder, Brink, VascoComfovent, Vent Axia, Comair, Codume, Veneco, Solar & Palau, Sageon and so much more. As a ventilation specialist in Belgium, we chose to record the most qualitative filters in our range. With our selection of reputable brands, we promise you the best Indoor Air Quality. Because healthy air for everyone, that is true filter & co. Want to know more about filters? Then certainly read!

Filters of European top quality

On the webshop you will find all kinds of different types of filters for air filtration, completely in accordance with the ISO standard 16890. But what exactly does this mean? Simply this means that these filters were tested extensively and meet a whole series of strict standards, which means that the filter performance is excellent. These standards are globally applied (ISO = international organization for standardization).

When should the filter of a ventilation system be replaced?

Although we cannot give a clear answer to this, we generally recommend replacing a filter every 6 months. Of course you must take into account different external factors. Suppose: in a city, where air quality is less optimal, the filters will be replacing faster. Most devices indicate when the filter can be replaced, but you can also do a check. Does the filter look very dirty? Then you know what to do!